1.  Determine which classroom option works best for you (refer to home page)

2.  Open the tab "2016-17 School-Year Classes"

3.  Click "sign up here" and fill out the required information including your option for the class portion and click submit.  You will not receive a confirmation, when you submit you are signed up.

4.  Open the tab "2016-17 Range Session"

5.  Click "sign up here" and fill out the required information.  You will also check the range session that works best for you and click submit.  Again, you will not receive a confirmation.

6.  Online student only Open the tab "Orientation"

7.  Click "sign up here" and fill out the required information.  The orientation works best if you can attend in a session prior to your range, preferably not a Monday.  If you are unable to attend an earlier session, you are OK to orientate, (two extra hours) the same week, usually Monday works the best.  

8.  Finally, go to Lone Peak and pay in the Finance Office $140.00.  You are able to call into the school with a credit card # or you can now use "".  You will need to show your receipt to the teacher the first day of class either the 9-day or Independent Study.


  1. Thanks for sharing a good and informative post. Your steps are really help full for SIGN UP. I am also looking for Online Drivers Education. And my friend is suggesting me 'CA Driver Ed Online'. But after reading this post. I am little bit confuse, what can I do?

  2. Can you change your Drivers Ed date if you need to? Or can you un sign up?

  3. Thanks for this post, without it, I don't know that I would have been able to register my son!