2017-2018 Range Sessions

2017-2018 Range Sessions

To sign up, click on the link below at bottom of page(SIGN UP HERE) and fill out the form.  
Each session offers two time slots; 3pm-5pm and 5pm-7pm.  
If there are enough students we will add a 7pm-9pm slot.

2017-18 School Year range options are as follows:
September 11-14
October 9-12
November 13-16
December 11-14
January 22-25
February 20-23
March 26-29
April 23-26
May 14-17

May 11-14
June 25-28
July 16-19
August 6-9 


  1. My son is just starting the East Side online course. He would like to do the range session in September as his birthday is the 22nd of September. Is it possible to sign up without the completion date for the online course or do we need to wait til he's finished?

  2. Hi Shauna...i have signed my son up to do the drivers ed online but wanted to get him signed up to do range in November bc its the only time that will work with his soccer schedule!! it won't allow me to sign him up w out a completion date for the online course. What should i do??

  3. I just signed my son up for the February class but I'm wondering when they have to complete the driving range part? can it be within a couple of months? Just wondering what the time frame is? Thanks!