Monday, March 13, 2017

Welcome to Lone Peak High School Driver Education 

             We hope to make your experience useful and educational.                       The State of Utah requires you to complete 27 hours of classroom    time, 6 hours of drive time and 6 hours of observation time. 

          Print off the "8 Steps To Obtain Your License" and record all the                                information as you progress towards completing                             the requirements for a license.  


For any questions contact Danny Schoonover at:

1) CLASSROOM PORTION (27 hours).
The classroom portion can be completed through Lone Peak by either a 9-day classroom session, or Independent Study.  To sign up for the classroom portion click on the tab "Summer Classes" or "2017-18 School Year Classes" next click on the link "sign up here".  Fill out the form and submit. You will not receive a confirmation.  Once you submit you are signed up.

2) RANGE ORIENTATION (2 hour observation).
In order to fulfill the state requirements of 6 hours of observation you will be required to complete an orientation on the range.  Orientation is a two hour session in addition to your 4-day range session. We will now be completing orientation during the 9-day class session.  One class session you will meet on the range to observe driving habits of other drivers and learn the range. If you take the 9-day session with us you do not need to sign up for orientation

You will still be required to complete an orientation.  You may complete orientation with a class. They meet on the range (AFHS) the first Friday of their 9-day session.  We recommend you complete your orientation prior to your scheduled week of range.   If you are unable to complete the orientation prior to your range you are able to orientate the same week as your range session.  You will pick one day that week (preferably Tuesday or Wednesday) and plan on staying an extra two hours.  To sign up for orientation click on the "Orientation" tab, open the link and fill out the form.
You will also need to complete "Streetsmart 101".  Email Mr Schoonover ( for the login information.

3) RANGE (4 day session)
Range is a four day session in which you practice driving on a monitored course.  To sign up click on the "Summer Range" or "2017-18 Range Session" then click on the link "sign up here" and fill out the form. You are responsible to attend ALL FOUR DAYS.  If you miss a day you FAIL the range and will need to pay a fee to make up the time.  If you are going to miss a day please make arrangements with an instructor.

Range and orientation will be held at the American Fork High School range which is just south of their football field.  

4) ROAD DRIVES (3-4 sessions)
Following range you will be assigned a road instructor to complete your drive time and test.  You do not sign up for road drives, you will be assigned.  The road instructor will contact you no later than 4 weeks following the range.  You can contact your road instructor to schedule your drives.  Check the blog to find out who you are assigned and email them.  You can find this information under the tab "Road Instructors".  You will be tested on your last day of road drives.

When you pass the class and the driving test, have had your permit for 6 months, have turned 16 years old, and completed the online safety test, you are eligible for your license.

Please email Mr. Schoonover if you have any questions. 

9-DAY 2017-18 CLASS SCHEDULE (2:30-5:30pm)
We offer a 9-day class each month throughout the school year including Summer sessions.

INDEPENDENT STUDY (Sign up online first then email Shauna Kay:
This class is designed for those students that are unable to attend after school sessions. Students will work at their own pace within the parameters of one quarter.

RANGE SCHEDULE (3:00-5:00pm) and (5:00-7:00pm)
We offer driving range each moth throughout the school year including Summer sessions.


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  2. I think it's awesome that this class is being offered in the summer. I remember having to find a time to take the class during the school year when I was in high school. That made it a lot harder to schedule all of the other classes you needed, and it made timing awkward for people born in the fall or late summer, because they'd have to take the class way early or not finish until after their sixteenth birthday. Hopefully this helps a lot of people get things figured out a bit more in the long run.

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